In an increasingly “Data Driven” world, we help you discover the hidden value in the relationships between your data and apply them to the Business to generate Value. From Process Optimization to Customer Loyalty, the relationships between your data hide a huge Potential

Contrasted Results


more in Up & Cross Selling. The right Product at the right time. Make recommendations based on the real behaviour of the customers


more in real-time complex fraud detection. Complex fraud networks detection


Apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques on Graphs to generate knowledge. Analyze 100% of your data


more on customer retention. Know your client and give a high added value

be Smart

Fraud networks are increasingly sophisticated, so that organizations need to increase their detection capabilities. Using graphs, we detect suspicious patterns, rings and other sophisticated scams with a high-level of accuracy, and are capable of stopping advanced fraud scenarios in real-time.

be Social

With graphs we create or enrich social networks, making them innovative and better connected. Extract additional knowledge of existing connections, recommend targeted activities and offers and detect hidden relations based on the activity within the users.

be Up & Running

The size and complexity of networks and IT infrastructure requires a catalog of asset management (CMDB-configuration management database) more advanced than relational databases can deliver. Using graphs, we obtain new knowledge, a 360° vision and information in real-time about the relationships between the data.

be Related

In this interconnected world relationships make the difference, but our applications do not store them optimally. Give a graph view of existing systems like ERP, CRM, MDM and DWH to emerge hidden relationships between customers, products, etc bringing new and very valuable knowledge.

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