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Qualified and certified professionals in graf technology, with extensive experience in all types of sectors.

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We are experts in graphs. We specialise in Neo4j and Linkurious and provide support to any organisation that is considering entering the world of graphs.

We can be involved from the conception of the solution through to the development and maintenance of the solution created.

Our team of technical consultants is certified by Neo4j. We have extensive project experience that allows us to accelerate the time-to-market of any Neo4j initiative, ensuring that best practices are being used and that the system is robust and scalable.

Neo4j and Linkurious Solution Partner


We are a Solution Partner of Neo4j and Linkurious, and we believe that this stack of technologies provides the best performance for solutions where a native graph engine backend must coexist with a powerful and agile visualisation frontend.

We can help you understand which architecture best meets your business requirement, whether it is a more operational use such as a recommendation engine or more analytical, such as a solution aimed at fraud or money laundering prevention.

Why rely on GraphEverywhere Services?


All our consultants are certified and undergoing continuous training.


All our consultants are certified and undergoing continuous training.


We have dozens of successful projects completed.


We have developed our own methodology derived from Neo4j best practices.

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