Graph Analytics or AI v2.0

So far we have used data to make our predictive models, but we have forgotten at least 50% of the information, the relationships between that data.

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Advanced relationship analytics. The power of the graph.


Adding context to the data we are going to analyse using advanced models on R, Python or any other technology will provide us with a very high value to our results.

What is the point of classifying a customer as a “good payer” if they are connected at two or three levels to another blacklisted customer? This is probably not correct and we should carry out a detailed analysis of this situation to calculate the appropriate risk score.

By understanding the context of our customers, we will give extra value to our predictive models, and that context can only be efficiently implemented on a network.
Neo4j provides a very complete library of graph-oriented Machine Learning algorithms, making the complexity they hide very easy. Centricity algorithms, community detection, similarity, … are just a sample of what can be achieved.

Recommendation systems

Mejora la eficiencia del motor de recomendación usando algoritmos avanzados de grafos que darán el scoring correcto.

Detection of communities

One of the most common uses is to group my clients into communities in order to know which ones have the most weight, the most influential ones, and to carry out actions on them.

Complete the missing piece of Big Data

With Neo4j you will have the missing piece in your Big Data architecture to provide the solution that completes your business requirements.

What do we want to achieve?

Improving the results of predictive models

We improve the results of predictive models.

From improving fraud detection to detecting critical points in our network.

The variables that emerge from the relationships give a value that has not been explored until now.


What challenges will we face?

Connecting the data

We help to connect the data. Only then can we take advantage of the relationships that exist between them.


What are the benefits?

A new dimension of analysis

We are going to take a step forward in the ML and AI strategy in our organisation.

Graphs have proven to be a new dimension of analysis that gives a lot of value, and Neo4j is the best solution by providing a very complete library.


All about Data Governance and Neo4j

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Let’s turn your data into relevant information for your business. Let’s explore together graph solutions for your databases and apply Neo4j technology among others.

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