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We rely on leading brands and products in the sector. We maintain a close relationship with the most important manufacturers.

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Neo4j is the world leader in native graph technology. At Graph Everywhere we are a Solution Partner, and we maintain a very close relationship collaborating in spreading the capabilities of native graph databases and the Neo4j platform in general.

We are Resellers and provide local support, as well as official training.



We have been a Linkurious Business Partner for many years. We have collaborated in many joint projects and we help to further improve the technology by actively collaborating with R&D.

We provide local support and we are also resellers of this technology.



Elastic is a cutting-edge technology that supports a multitude of needs within the type of projects we carry out. We collaborate closely and believe in this technology as an engine to provide functionalities never before possible.

Together with Lunkurious and Neo4j we complete a high performance and scalable stack.

Why rely on GraphEverywhere Services?


All our consultants are certified and undergoing continuous training.


We develop our own projects in which we experiment and innovate.


We have dozens of successful projects completed.


We have developed our own methodology derived from Neo4j best practices.

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