Security and Risk Management

In an increasingly regulated world, with GDPR, Basel, Solvency, … getting a good management and vision of the data is important to avoid falling into serious misconduct.

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Controlling privacy and risk appetite


Organisations are increasingly under scrutiny from regulators. Complying with GDPR means managing data sets efficiently, controlling access to them, ensuring that every user interaction with their data is tracked, and allowing them control over it. This is a complex data management problem, which is why graphs fit like a silk glove.

In the same way, the risk control of an insurance company, for example, is also a complex problem, where we must understand the trace of the dependencies of each policy, its reinsurance, collaterals, etc. And again, Neo4j will be a differential factor in this type of needs.



Scoring risk: Hidden relationships in the data

How can I give a correct risk score if I am not able to measure how all my clients relate to each other? Neo4j is the perfect solution to this need.


Traceability and Data Governance

Seremos capaces de dar una visión, incluso visual, de todas las interacciones que hemos tenido con nuestro cliente, dando una capacidad de trazabilidad de los datos novedosa. Los grafos nos ayudan a cumplir GDPR y otras regulaciones sectoriales como Basilea o Solvencia.

Risk analytics

Graph analytics will give us highly influential variables in the ML and AI models of our risk organisation. Understanding whether a customer is part of a group marked as “risky” will directly impact our bottom line.

What do we want to achieve?

New risk analytics model

We will have an agile and flexible system to understand our data and be able to demonstrate to regulators that we control all the interactions we have with our customers’ data.

We will generate a new risk analytics model based on relationships and not just the facts we have had so far. We will have found hidden connections between our customers, and that will give us a huge added value.


What challenges are we going to face?

Dispersed systems

The data we need to meet these requirements are often in dispersed systems in the organisation, and the network is the perfect system to connect and manage them efficiently.


What are the benefits?

We will improve risk ratings

We will improve risk ratings by bringing them into line with reality.

We will have a robust data management system that will allow us to comply with regulatory requirements in this area. And all this with a flexible and scalable system that adapts to the business.

Relationships, the “Dark Matter” of your data


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