Prevention of money laundering

A different approach to your data using graphs. The technology to detect and prevent money laundering like never before.

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Money Laundering Prevention Solution


To improve money laundering detection rates, it is essential to equip the team of analysts and technicians in the money laundering prevention department with the best tools.

Our technological solution integrates from the visual exploration of data and relationships between subjects, the detection of suspicious patterns, automated alerts, to advanced analytical processes and Machine Learning of graphs to find the most hidden relationships.

The graphs are a differential value, and are the technological basis on which to build the solution.



Data visualisation and exploration

A picture is worth a thousand reports. Finding the data you are looking for has never been easier.

Graph Analytics

We process the data with graph-oriented Machine Learning technology to gain previously hidden knowledge.

Automation of regulatory reporting

We generate the information required by SEPBLAC automatically. Complying with the regulator and delivering maximum value at the same time.

What do we want to achieve?

A robust solution

We intend to implement a robust solution to support the Prevention of Money Laundering.

More analytical capacity

We will increase the productivity and data analysis capacity of the team, while increasing the success rates of the results.


We want to empower the analyst with disruptive and highly effective technology.


What challenges will we face?

Large volumes of data

In a world with data volumes on the order of Big Data, we must be able to have a flexible, scalable solution that proactively helps us to improve our analysis processes.

Huge diversity of information sources

In addition, the diversity of information sources that we must integrate and correlate adds an extra difficulty that the solution helps to minimise.


What are the benefits?

Optimise the time of our team of analysts.

We will get analysts to focus on analysing, not on trying to integrate, relate and understand the scattered data they have been working with until now.

A reporting and detection system

We will create automatic systems for detection and reporting to the regulator.


The role of Graphene technology in business digitisation processes


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Let’s turn your data into relevant information for your business. Let’s explore together graph solutions for your databases and apply Neo4j technology among others.

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